Thank you to everyone that joined us for the evening of fun, food, and hopefully, valuable information. It was a great presentation by Bobby Baker of Xerox on the upcoming trends and uses of QR codes and how to include those little do-hickies in direct-to-the-customer marketing. Direct mail, Posters, Ad Campaigns, Baby Diapers, pretty much if there’s a space one can place a QR code on it. Useful little buggers. QR Codes are here to stay and it’s good to know that if you need help, FoxyPropaganda is here to lend a hand. Thank you again to everyone that came and stay tuned for more informational presentations from your friends at FoxyPropaganda.

Below you’ll find the presentation Bobby went through for your personal use or office presentations (35meg PDF download).


to the nights winners

Bobby Cook of Mastercraft won $500 worth of printing

Chris Tracey of Decaf won $1,000 worth of printing

Brady White from Cultivate Agency won $1,500 of printing

Terry Allen of Service Info Systems won $2,500 of printing

Cassy Batts of RE/MAX Trinity won a super-cool iPad