Foxy Customer, Meet iGen. iGen, Meet Foxy Customer

At Foxy Propaganda, we’re still standing back and admiring our newest toy- the Xerox iGen 4-150 Digital Printer.  We have to stand way back, too, because it’s big.  In fact, the iGen is about the size of a ski boat!  But it isn’t the size that makes the new iGen such a point of pride here at Foxy, it’s the performance.

Most of the early buzz has been about the 26 inch sheet size, and the capabilities it includes.  The iGen 4-150 combined the large sheet size with matte ink for vibrant, clear images, printed faster than ever before.

You’d have to leave the Texas borders to find another iGen 4-150.  Go big, or go home, fellas!

The quality rocks, and it better- at that size, in matte ink you’re going to see every detail.  The other fun factor is material- the iGen 4-150 can pretty much print on anything.   Early orders include plastics, vinyl and even wood.

We’ve been having lots of fun pushing buttons- we recently learned we can design and print tee-shirt transfers.

One thing we can’t print is money, but we can certainly save you some.  With the larger sheet size, we can run several jobs at once, reducing run time and cost.

Those are the highlights.  What questions do you have?  What new inspirations can we run through the iGen 4-150 for you?