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Variable Data Digital Printing - personalizing any printed, web-based, or related material

What is Variable Data and
why is it the next big thing in printing?

Quite simply, it’s personalizing any printed, web-based, or related material using an existing data source like an Excel spreadsheet. For example when using variable data, you can place individual names on each postcard and even spell out their name or company in spaghetti sauce and noodles if you wanted too. As simple as addressing a mailer to adding a clients name and logo to certain pages in a book to a four-color image of their favorite sports drink, the sky’s the limit with variable data.

Depending on how detailed your data source is, your possibilities are endless. Think how cool it would be to get a brochure tailor-made to your individual likes and dislikes. Generate more interest with customized colors, images and designs that are all a few clicks and a phone call away.

For more information about how variable data works and what it can do for you, email us or give a call at 817.483.0237.

Bindery options. Think about the finished look. Of course color is the most important part of printing but how is the end product going to look finished and put together? You wouldn't want your 28 page brochure finished off with mere staples, would you? At Foxy, we have a number of bindery methods available to you