Fort Worth Digital Printing

What? You Want Fast and Quality Printing?

Today’s print market demands faster and faster turn-around times. Companies’ marketing messages change quicker than they use to and consumers are requiring more personal interaction. Foxy Propaganda was founded in 2006 to meet these needs, servicing Dallas Fort Worth, Texas with high-quality digital print solutions. Foxy provides high-quality color at a cost that makes sense even for short run print jobs—from books to brochures to statements and sales sheets. Since our presses are digital, every printed sheet can be different from the next–allowing Foxy to provide our customers with personalized marketing pieces to dramatically increase the effectiveness and response.

We Get It (Printing, that is!)

Our iGen3 digital press is designed to provide our customers with quick-turn, high-quality press runs. The color quality of the prints rivals that of traditional offset presses but without the need of messy inks, or expensive plates. Foxy’s iGen3 is equipped to run an extra-large 14.33″ x 22.5″ sheet. Foxy’s iGen3 runs a wide array of stock paper including coated (60 lb text to 130 lb cover) or uncoated (16 lb bond to 130 lb cover), smooth or textured, and specialty stocks and labels—in a sheet as large as 14.33″ x 22.5″. We have had a great amount of success running Pearlized sheets through our press. Our iGen3 delivers a sheet with a uniform, low-gloss finish that’s dry and ready for bindery, making our output accurate, consistent, and predictable. I guess what we’re really saying is,

“This iGen3 we have, results in awesome printing for our customers! Come try it out.”