Personalized Landing Pages (pURLS)

pURLs–this is the term used by our industry for a link to a personalized URL or landing page. Usually our customer pURLS look like this: and are part of a large direct mail campaign. Personalized URLs  give Foxy’s customers feedback and tracking measurements to help them stay on top of their campaigns. Each pURL brings the attention back to our customers’ business while providing their audience a compelling, personalized experience.

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Foxy’s pURLS are just one part of an effective 1-to-1 marketing campaign. Many of our customers’ campaigns reach their target audiences through the distribution of Direct Mail and email communications in addition to their own personalized web landing page.

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Foxy Propaganda’s PURLs can incorporate additional data entry requirements prior to a download or receipt of a special offer. This provides our customers with additional prospect data — increasing the value of their list. The more information Foxy helps gather, the more personalized our customers’ advertising and marketing will be. After each campaign has run its course, responder data is updated to our customers’ database and the cycle will start all over again. Educated by respondents, this new data will be used to better target non-responders.

Remember to think about personalization and design when building your database. Incorporate data that will allow you to create the most customizable elements and make your marketing piece resonate with your audience. Just call us if you need help with any part of your planning, that’s what we’re here for.