USPS Fulfillment

The USPS and Foxy Propaganda have been working together on various customer projects since we opened our doors. Foxy Propaganda provides a complete turn-key mailing service to all of our customers. Foxy’s service begins with the acquisition and hygiene of our customers’ mailing lists.

Our typical sort and USPS certification goes something like this:

    We consult with our customers on the best format for submitting a list. (Acceptable formats are: Excel spreadsheets or comma separated (.csv) files.) In a mailing file, the minimum required fields are: Name, address, city, state and zip code. These must each be in a separate field within your data file. (The data can be further subdivided into fields such as: Salutation, First name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Suffix, Company Name, Address1, Address 2, City, State, Zip code, Telephone, etc.) We also provide our clients with a basic Variable Data (VDP) Checklist to download.
    The list is sorted, certified per the type of mailing the customer wants to do, First Class, Standard, Bound Printed Matter, etc.
    Addresses are checked against the National Change of Address Database and corrected when possible. Any addresses that cannot be verified and corrected are supplied back to our customer for corrections.
    Foxy will then provide our customers with the postage estimate

Now the process moves to the production of the direct mail piece.

Once the job has been printed, Foxy collects all the USPS paperwork, sorts the job into the appropriate trays, or sacks and delivers it to the post office. Foxy does all of this for each of our customers. All you have to provide is a project, a list, and a check for the postage–Foxy Propaganda takes care of the rest!